The Robbing Butcher Acquires A Rival

Today, Mr. Mhor and I went to the village fifteen miles away, to collect a parcel.

The Robbing Butcher was shut as we drove past his shop. The Mustress thought she could see his silhouette at the back of his storeroom, but maybe this was paranoia. Surely the RB does not spend his entire day working out where the Mustress has got to?

Mr. Mhor had announced that stocks of Stornoway black pudding were seriously depleted at Mhor Cottage. The Mustress pursed her lips and sent several very hard stares in the general direction of the Robbing Butcher’s shop. If he would stay open for more than five minutes a day (or more than two days a week) it would not be a problem.


On arrival at Village X, the Mustress made the brave decision to try out the produce of their Robbing Butcher. This would teach her own RB to stay open a little more often and he would also lose custom.


Village X’s Robbing Butcher turned out to be a Robbing Butcher With A Vengeance. He charged nearly twice as much as our usual RB.


Mr. Mhor fainted when the Mustress told him how much of the Mhors’ savings had been expended in the Rival Robbing Butcher’s shop.

When he came to, Mr. Mhor suggested to the Mustress that their own RB might have spotted the Mhors’ car leaving the village and could have warned his colleague in Village X that they might attend his shop.

It seems quite likely, really. A Win – Win for both Robbing Butchers. Possibly the Rival Robbing Butcher was going to share his booty with the Mhors’ Robbing Butcher.

The Mustress will update this blog asap, once the Mhors have sampled the Rival RB’s goods.

He did not have circular square sausage, either. Surely the manufacture of circular square sausage is essential if one if going to set up as a butcher, robbing or otherwise?

You would think so.

Published by themustressmhor

Retired Nurse and Midwife, living in Middle of Nowhere, Argyll, Scotland.

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