Mr. Mhor Forgets The Potatoes

Yes – shocking news here from Mhor Cottage. Mr. Mhor today served a superlative breakfast, but he neglected to fry the left-over potatoes from last night’s dinner, and add them to the plate.

There very potatoes had been placed (by The Mustress) on top of the circular square sausage supplies in the fridge. The Mustress did this so that Mr. Mhor could not fail to see them.

The Mustress Mhor is inordinately fond of fried potatoes – just to be clear.

So…………..Mr. Mhor did, in fact, see the potatoes. He did, in fact, cook the potatoes. He did, in fact, place them in the microwave “for safe keeping” (as he himself claimed, at the usual post-breakfast inquest) and he did, in fact, forget that they were there, and consequently, the potatoes did not form part of the breakfast served at Mhor Cottage this morning.

The Mustress discovered them, sitting sadly in the microwave, when she visited the kitchen in order to put a load of washing on. And no, The Mustress does not do the laundry in the microwave (well – not often).

Breakfast scored 11/10. Just think, Mr. Mhor. If you’d served the potatoes, you might have scored 12/10.

Presumably you’ll reflect on that when The Mustress “forgets” to put your dinner on a plate this evening. Remember – all actions have consequences, and none of the consequences in Mhor Cottage are the desirable kind.

For once, the Robbing Butcher cannot be blamed for anything in this scenario.

Published by themustressmhor

Retired Nurse and Midwife, living in Middle of Nowhere, Argyll, Scotland.

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