The Mustress Gets Some Good News

Comrades, today Mumsnet allowed the Mustress to return to their hallowed website. It was a time for great celebration. The two-week ban was lifted (without prejudice, I hope.) Not that the Mustress’s crimes had been terribly reprehensible. Oh, no. There was just a minor disagreement/spat between the Mustress and MNHQ. Possibly some opprobrious remarks wereContinue reading “The Mustress Gets Some Good News”

The Mustress Becomes Really Suspicious

Bewildered does not begin to cover it. Shocked is nearer. The Robbing Butcher has only sent me a “FRIEND” request on Facebook. Why would be do this? Has he got wind of this website, this blog? Does he think I will share my profits when a publisher notices this blog and decides that it isContinue reading “The Mustress Becomes Really Suspicious”

The Robbing Butcher Confuses The Entire Village

I have long wondered if my interest in the RB’s opening hours is perhaps bordering on the obsessive. After all – surely the Robbing Butcher has some sort of schedule. Nobody could run a business without one. Could they? Well, anyway – this morning I was perusing the village FaceBook page (always a place ofContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher Confuses The Entire Village”

The Robbing Butcher Shows His True Colours

Well. The Mustress decided to post on the village Facebook page, encouraging people to obey the government’s instructions with regard to social distancing. I pointed out that visiting family on Mother’s Day was very foolish, amongst other things. So far, forty three people have “liked” the Mustress’s post. But one man was not impressed. HeContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher Shows His True Colours”

Mr. Mhor Serves a Sub-Standard Breakfast

Let me start by saying that this is an unusual state of affairs. Generally, Mr. Mhor produces very good breakfasts indeed. But yesterday something went very wrong. The Robbing Butcher (despite signage to the contrary) was closed. Horrified, the Mustress had to obtain supplies from the Co – Op instead. No Stornoway black pudding. NoContinue reading “Mr. Mhor Serves a Sub-Standard Breakfast”

The Mhors Undertake Some Car Park Policing

This was never going to end well. The Mustress and Mr. Mhor had occasion to wait in the car park of a neighbouring village the other day. This was necessary to obtain a grocery delivery. Usually we take along a crossword puzzle book to while away the hours while we wait for the Tesco vanContinue reading “The Mhors Undertake Some Car Park Policing”