The Mustress Delivers a Baby and receives a VERY WELCOME PRESENT

Many years ago I was wandering round the Labour Ward, at rather a loose end, if the truth be told. It was a Sunday and we had no patients. We had restocked every cupboard to within an inch of its life and had had several cups of tea. Midwives survive almost entirely on tea, andContinue reading “The Mustress Delivers a Baby and receives a VERY WELCOME PRESENT”

Mr. Mhor Drags The Mustress to a Garden Centre

Before I start, I have to point out that there is a particularly good coffee shop at this garden centre, so it wasn’t all bad. It’s just that I don’t really like trundling round, looking at plants and wondering why some of them are so fussy. Mr. Mhor frequently adjures me to tell him whichContinue reading “Mr. Mhor Drags The Mustress to a Garden Centre”

The Robbing Butcher Disappoints Mr. Mhor

It is Friday, so I was determined to catch the Robbing Butcher out for once. I particularly wanted him to be open, so that the weekend breakfast needs of the Mhors could be fulfilled. I therefore said, many times, to Mr. Mhor “I am quite sure that the RB will be closed today.” (I saidContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher Disappoints Mr. Mhor”

The Robbing Butcher gets his own back

I have long wondered if the RB reads blogs, or if he is aware that he has been immortalised on Mumsnet. However, today I was expecting him to be shut. Imagine my surprise and discomfiture to discover that he was, in fact, shut. I spend my life second-guessing the Robbing Butcher’s activities and I feelContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher gets his own back”

Mr. Mhor Encounters a Very Large Snake

Some years ago, Mr. Mhor fell off a wall and broke his leg in three places. (This occurrence really deserves a post to itself. Nobody was there to contradict him but he SAYS he wasn’t drunk when it happened.) Mr. Mhor had left his phone at home, too. Of course, he could not remember myContinue reading “Mr. Mhor Encounters a Very Large Snake”

I deliver a baby hurriedly

One day, I was wandering aimlessly round the Labour Ward, wondering if anyone was going to take the trouble to give birth. As a midwife of many years’ experience I am always alert to this possibility. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when Mrs. X. appeared, in the throes of a contraction. She had been my patientContinue reading “I deliver a baby hurriedly”