The Robbing Butcher Surprises Mr. Mhor

Today, the Mustress sent Mr. Mhor to the Robbing Butcher’s shop with a list of essential items for the fridge at Mhor Cottage. Obviously, our supplies of meat and dairy products for breakfast have to be maintained. The Mustress is nothing if not methodical. The list included circular square sausage, Stornoway black pudding, yet moreContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher Surprises Mr. Mhor”

Mr. Mhor Delivers A Surprise

Many people who read the adventures of the Mustress have wondered if the Robbing Butcher ever does anything useful or positive. The Mustress has received many emails on the subject, and this attests to the level of interest which the Robbing Butcher instills in the reading public in general. A few correspondents also seem toContinue reading “Mr. Mhor Delivers A Surprise”

The Mustress Launches An Investigation

There seems to be some confusion about the New Hens at the moment. The Robbing Butcher is, as ever, keeping his cards close to his chest, but the village in general is puzzled. Yesterday, the Robbing Butcher announced that he had obtained some more New Hens. Well, that’s a good thing, surely – after all,Continue reading “The Mustress Launches An Investigation”

The Robbing Butcher Fails To Deliver

Just after Christmas, The Mustress Mhor asked the Robbing Butcher when he intended to open after the New Year festivities were over. Readers must bear in mind that we are in Scotland, where Hogmanay is celebrated with gusto for many days (and months, in some cases). The Robbing Butcher gave a hollow laugh, stared atContinue reading “The Robbing Butcher Fails To Deliver”

Mr. Mhor Forgets The Potatoes

Yes – shocking news here from Mhor Cottage. Mr. Mhor today served a superlative breakfast, but he neglected to fry the left-over potatoes from last night’s dinner, and add them to the plate. There very potatoes had been placed (by The Mustress) on top of the circular square sausage supplies in the fridge. The MustressContinue reading “Mr. Mhor Forgets The Potatoes”

The Mustress Gets Some Good News

Comrades, today Mumsnet allowed the Mustress to return to their hallowed website. It was a time for great celebration. The two-week ban was lifted (without prejudice, I hope.) Not that the Mustress’s crimes had been terribly reprehensible. Oh, no. There was just a minor disagreement/spat between the Mustress and MNHQ. Possibly some opprobrious remarks wereContinue reading “The Mustress Gets Some Good News”

The Mustress Becomes Really Suspicious

Bewildered does not begin to cover it. Shocked is nearer. The Robbing Butcher has only sent me a “FRIEND” request on Facebook. Why would be do this? Has he got wind of this website, this blog? Does he think I will share my profits when a publisher notices this blog and decides that it isContinue reading “The Mustress Becomes Really Suspicious”