Who Exactly Is The Robbing Butcher?

Ha! Many people have asked the Mustress Mhor this very question.

The answer is that there is no satisfactory answer to this question.The Robbing Butcher has a sign on his shop frontage:“Purveyor of Fine Meat Produce”

Well, yes – but he is never open when you expect him to be and he also seems to be playing Mind Games with the Mustress Mhor.

Could this simply be paranoia on the Mustress’s part or is the RB engaged in a bit of passive-aggressive stuff with her, after he discovered that he had been immortalized on Mumsnet?

When the answer becomes clearer I shall update this blog. In the meantime – do NOT assume, EVER, that the RB will be open when you expect him to be.

He will be tantalising you.

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