The Robbing Butcher gets his own back

I have long wondered if the RB reads blogs, or if he is aware that he has been immortalised on Mumsnet.

However, today I was expecting him to be shut.

Imagine my surprise and discomfiture to discover that he was, in fact, shut. I spend my life second-guessing the Robbing Butcher’s activities and I feel that he has tricked me on more than one occasion, so it followed that he had tricked me today.

Generally, he is open on Thursdays so I assumed he would be shut.

And he was. Shut, I mean.

Honestly. You can’t trust anyone these days. I had to go to the Co – Op for bacon and black pudding, not to mention haggis and sub-standard eggs. Sub-standard in the sense that they are small, I mean.

It quite put me out. Mr. Mhor would happily eat the Co – Op’s bacon, etc, but then Mr. Mhor has no class. (Except in his choice of bride, obviously).

I regret to confess that I have visions of the Robbing Butcher watching and waiting for me to approach his shop, and altering the OPEN and CLOSED sign accordingly.

This may be slightly paranoid, I admit. It has been suggested to me that the reason the RB’s opening hours are so haphazard is because he has to go to Smithfield Market for his produce. SM is nine hours away from here and anyway, I am sure you can’t buy Stornoway black pudding there.

Well, you probably can’t.

It looks like I shall have to start yet another thread about this on Mumsnet. I generally get good advice there, although you have to sort the wheat from the chaff and correct people’s SPaG.


Published by themustressmhor

Retired Nurse and Midwife, living in Middle of Nowhere, Argyll, Scotland.

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