Mr. Mhor Delivers A Surprise

Many people who read the adventures of the Mustress have wondered if the Robbing Butcher ever does anything useful or positive. The Mustress has received many emails on the subject, and this attests to the level of interest which the Robbing Butcher instills in the reading public in general.

A few correspondents also seem to doubt that the Mustress herself ever does anything useful or positive. The mystery surrounding the installation of the New Hens demonstrates unequivocally that the Mustress definitely undertakes worthwhile activities. She may not have discovered exactly what the Robbing Butcher has been up to lately with regard to the New Hens, but her intentions were sincere.

And Mr. Mhor? When he is not drinking beer, constructing garden furniture or pretending to do the hoovering, what exactly does Mr. Mhor do with his time?

On Friday it was raining so the Mustress decided to send Mr. Mhor to the village to obtain some necessary items (bread, milk, gin and three bottles of tonic – oh and a lemon)

When Mr. Mhor returned to Mhor Cottage he looked smug. The Mustress was suspicious and asked him why he was looking so pleased with himself.

Reader – he had entered the Robbing Butcher’s shop (finding it was, uncharacteristically, open) and demanded the longest circular square sausage that the Robbing Butcher had in stock. Flustered, the Robbing Butcher produced a very long sausage and immediately sold it to Mr. Mhor.

It was so long that the Mustress had to reorganise the entire freezer to accommodate it.

However, and despite the fact that she was delighted to get the sausage, the Mustress was suspicious of the Robbing Butcher’s motives. She annotated her notebook accordingly and made a decisive plan.

But that investigation will have to wait until it stops raining here in Argyll.

Published by themustressmhor

Retired Nurse and Midwife, living in Middle of Nowhere, Argyll, Scotland.

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